Problems Make Poor Targets

What problems are you focusing on?

How much time and energy is being lost by focusing on problems?

Reverse the balance by focusing on solutions. Tap your genius by brainstorming solutions and create a huge shift in your thinking. Your new thinking may lead to bold new actions. The craziest idea can be brought to earth and made into a doable plan.


Improve the Inner-Line to Improve Bottom-Line

How much of your infinite value has been converted to a successful life? Do you think that you can be rewarded in relation to your true worth? Would you like to convert a portion of your infinite worth to more wealth? Converting your value to money is the basis of all success. You can demonstrate your value to the marketplace in the attainment of worthwhile money making goals. What is the value you place on your time in the market? The value you place on the value you add is your inner-line. The inner-line is your sense of your own generousness; or their high value expressed in their life here on earth.

God has expressed His life by creating everyone, including you, in the His Image. He created you to have the same nature and substance as Himself. Since the beginning God has been in building business. He created the universe and all that is in it, he then gave you the ability to create. When you understand your inner line, you have  the confidence to do great things. Even when the odds are against you,you will prevail in victory. Victory being the ability to act with power and love even under the most horrendous circumstances. This ability to act with kindness, love and purpose gives meaning to life on earth. You become a light on earth.