About Gary

Career Coach helping others develop a map of success in business & life.

Drawing on Gary’s more than 20 years of studying spirituality, self-help, careers and leadership he offers an abundance of insight into what it takes to live life with energy and passion.

Although Gary A. Filyaw graduated from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke with a degree in Sociology, and has served over sixteen years in the military learning training, video production, logistics, and distribution; he credits his own life experiences with numerous set-backs, challenges, and “beating the odds” as the key for helping others.

Gary believes that every individual can greatly improve their situation through wise application of s and has committed his life to coaching.

His main passion is to help people leave the victim role and embrace their birthrights as Children of God. He only wants to help you to create live your true destiny. He shares stories, tools, and core principles to create your life consciously; to gain clarity and create alignment with your unique character and core values. True self-awareness can free you of the self-defeating, fear and limiting behavior that keeps you from your living your dreams.

Gary wants you to find the strength within to create your own future.


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